Rotational Moulding

With two in house pattern makers complimented by our 3D capable CNC router and our engineering team, we have the ability to manufacture your patterns and moulds, be it a cast alloy or sheet metal.

In our enclosed Bi-axle rotation moulding machine we can mould Polyethylene (LLDPE or with foam) or Polyproylene items up to 17,000Lts in capacity on our large off set arm or for smaller products we have a double platform arm available. Some examples of items we manufacture are wool cans, offal bins/liners, trays, helicopter hoppers, machine guards, spa pool shells, ozone generator tanks, sign bases, fuel tanks, pallet fences, tanks risers and lids for effluent and waste water systems, heat exchanger housings, protein skimmer tanks and numerous other products.

With over twenty five years experience in the industry we have an extensive knowledge of rotational moulding and the ability to take your concepts and turn them into a final product for you. We can do small one off runs or high volume production runs and can assist with subsidised tooling costs in some cases. Our rotational moulding operation is located in Napier but we provide our clients New Zealand wide with competitive freight options.

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